To Every Tribe’s Open House 2013: Violent Faith

What kind of missionary does it take? This was David Sitton’s question to open To Every Tribe’s 2013 Open House. During a historic evening in which To Every Tribe held its first service at Chachalaca Bend, Sitton emphatically answered the question from Matthew 11:12: “the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.”

Sitton impressed on the guests, TET staff, missionaries, and CPCP interns “violent faith glorifies God and advances the gospel.” The call of the gospel is the call to embrace “living dead”. The gospel is not advanced through the kind of violence that uses bullets and bombs, but the violent faith or death of those who bear witness to Jesus Christ.

Open House attendees were challenged that the kind of missionaries being trained and sent by To Every Tribe is the kind of missionaries To Every Tribe is looking for to join them in mission: missionaries who have embraced violent faith. The gospel advances through the sacrificial going and sending of those who are participants in Christ’s mission.

The Open House marks the inaugural event at the property recently purchased at Chachalaca Bend. The opening service was held in the lodge of the “Inn at Chachalaca Bend”, a building that will be used as classroom space for the ever-expanding Center for Pioneer Church Planting. The 50 acres of buildings and undeveloped property will be used to propel hundreds of missionaries to many of the 3 billion people who have no access to the gospel.

Sacrifice. Leaving it all behind. Embracing death, if necessary. Violent faith, faith that is ready to put all of life on the line for the sake of the gospel. The gospel is being advanced by those who are taking the kingdom by storm, those who are being ekballoed (sent: Matthew 9:38) by Christ into His harvest. The Open House is providing potential goers and senders a glimpse into the death-embracing passion, mission, and vision of To Every Tribe.