Favorite Quotes From Open House

Taken from Facebook feedback, here are the top quotes from the weekend’s Open House:

“God uses elect sheep to go gather lost sheep”

“From Minneapolis, drive 8-10 hours north, you’ll hit unreached peoples”

~ David Sitton
President and Founder of To Every Tribe
(facebook, twitter)

“We are preparing people to go to the dark strongholds of the world”

“When you get to the mission field, there won’t be a church for you to gather at.
You need to learn to function as the church in a team”

~ Steve Best
Director of the Center for Pioneer Church Planting
(facebook, twitter, blog)

“The bible from Genesis to Revelation is about, by, and for Jesus Christ”

~ Chad Bresson
Assistant Director of the Center for Pioneer Church Planting
(facebook, twitter, blog)

“I can’t imagine going to the field 2 years ago without having received the training”

~ Matt Klockenga
CPCP Trainee
(facebook, blog)

“If you come to the CPCP, you are the missionary”

~ Garry Weaver
Director of Field Training; Center for Pioneer Church Planting
(facebook, blog)

“Use your short term mission trips to go visit your long term missionaries”

~ Steve Leston
To Every Tribe Board Member & CPCP trainer;
Lead Pastor at Kishwaukee Bible Church – Sycamore, IL

“We don’t want missionaries to just survive, but to thrive as pioneer church planters”

~ Walt Barrett
Director of the Missionary Sending Agency
(facebook, twitter, blog)

“My wife’s primary role is a mom and homeschool teacher”

“Our immediate need in PNG is 6 families”

~ Alex Sisson
Field Missionary Staff in Papua New Guinea
(facebook, blog)

“You don’t just walk into a village and rent a house. You need an invitation”

~ AJ Gibson
Field Missionary Staff in Oaxaca, Mexico
(facebook, twitter, blog)