Your Blood To Seal His Truth

Calvin to MartyrsBelow is an excerpt from a letter John Calvin wrote to five young Frenchman who were about to be martyred in 1553 for carrying the gospel into France.

“We who are here shall do our duty in praying that He would glorify Himself more and more by your constancy, and that He may, by the comfort of His Spirit, sweeten and endear all that is bitter to the flesh, and so absorb yours spirits in Himself, that in contemplating that heavenly crown, you may be ready without regret to leave all that belongs to this world.

Now, at this present hour, necessity itself exhorts you more than ever to turn your whole mind heavenward. As yet, we know not what will be the event. But, since it appears as though God would use your blood to seal His truth, there is nothing better for you than to prepare yourselves for that end, beseeching Him so to subdue you to His good pleasure, that nothing may hinder you from following whithersoever He shall call… Since it pleases Him to employ you to the death in maintaining His quarrel, He will strengthen your hands in the fight and will not suffer a single drop of your blood to be shed in vain.”

Your humble brother,
John Calvin
*John Piper, quoting John Calvin, in Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ (Crossway, 2009), page 8.