Dr. Erwin Lutzer
Senior Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, IL
“I thank God for the message and ministry of David Sitton to us at the Moody Church and commend his work with To Every Tribe in the training of the next generation of church planters to the nations.”


Dr. John Piper
Founder and Teacher of DesiringGod.org & Chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary
“All I have read and heard and watched inclines me to rejoice over the vision and theology and mission of David Sitton. I thank God for his Christ-exalting, God-centered, Bible-based courage to focus his life and ministry on the unreached tribal peoples. Like no one else I know, David Sitton puts his body where his mouth is. The risks are high; the reward is overwhelming. I commend To Every Tribe for your support and involvement. May the Lord of glory spread his fame through all who partner with this ministry to make a name for Jesus among the nations.”


Dr. David Sills
Associate Professor of Missions and Cultural Anthropology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
“David Sitton and his ministry team at To Every Tribe is helping to meet a great need in the world today: preparing missionaries with a vision to reach the unreached peoples of the world. The Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP) attracts sincere, committed, and passionate missionary candidates. The CPCP provides them with solid training from some of the best evangelical teachers. In addition to their classroom training, these students take short-term trips to Mexico and Papua New Guinea to apply what they are learning. My experience with To Every Tribe and the CPCP has encouraged me to pray for them and recommend them. May God bless David and his team as they seek to expand and reach the world for Jesus’ sake.”


Dr. Hershael W. York
Professor of Preaching, The Southern Baptist Seminary, Louisville, KY
“Nothing makes my heart rejoice more than missions, and no mission delights me more than To Every Tribe. To see a mission so compelled to share the gospel with the unreached also have a commitment to solid doctrine and heartfelt compassion is a joy. Their commitment to on-the-job training fills a niche that is desperately needed. David Sitton is one of my missionary heroes and I am honored to teach alongside him in the Center For Pioneer Church Planting.”


Don Richardson
Missionary Statesman and best selling author of Peace Child and Lords of the Earth, Eternity in their Hearts
I have been acquainted with David Sitton since 1989, when we co-operated together in the Institute of Tribal Studies at the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California. I have followed David’s ministry of church planting in Papua New Guinea as well as his Tribal Seminar teaching and authoring of important mission resources since then. I highly recommend him and his endeavors for the reaching of the unreached.


Gregg Harris
Pioneer Home School Leader, Author & Conference Speaker, Founding Elder, Household of Faith Community Church, Gresham, OR
The debate between humanitarian social work and evangelism has been resolved by To Every Tribe. They have made the startling discovery that the most humanitarian thing anyone could ever do for any group of people in this world is to plant among them a fully functional New Testament church. Such local churches then become both salt and light in their community, responding as Christ commanded to the needs they see around them, while proclaiming boldly the good news of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom. To Every Tribe  and its missionary training program, the Center for Pioneer Church Planting, are making disciples and planting new churches where none now exist. David Sitton and his ministry team are modern-day missionary heroes worthy of the full support of every Christian in Christ’s Church today.