Bates, John & Donna

John & Donna Bates
Chief Operating Officer (John)
Director of the Inn at Chachalaca Bend (Donna)
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David & DeAnn Bennett
Director of Property Management & Interim Director of the Missionary Sending Agency (David)
6th Street Campus Property Manager (DeAnn)
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Rod & Linda Conner
Church Relations Coordinator, Northeast (Rod)
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Kyle & Shelly Danielson
Director of Pastoral Care (Kyle)
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Roger & Melissa Deneen
Director of Finance & Budget (Roger)
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Stephanie DuPraw
Hospitality & Logistics Coordinator
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Irian Hernandez
Assistant Director of Field Training, Center for Pioneer Church Planting
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Jill Rae Johnson
Family Ministry Coordinator
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David & Jessica Labourdette
Services Coordinator, Center for Pioneer Church Planting (Jessica)
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Jim Law
Risk Management Coordinator
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Mike & Megan Lee
Church Relations Coordinator, Texas Region (Mike)
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Steve & Heather Leston
President (Steve)
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Scott & Charissa Perry
IT Systems & Help Desk Administrator (Scott)
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Sitton, David & Tommi

David & Tommi Sitton


Matt & Nati Taylor
Communications & Design Associate (Matt)
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Randy & Jessica Turner
Video Producer & Ministry Partnership Coach (Randy)
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Justin & Emily Vander Ark
Director of Communications & Development (Justin)
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Weaver, Garry & Jan

Garry & Jan Weaver
Director of Field Training, Center for Pioneer Church Planting (Garry)
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