First Nations in Canada

1932460_10153837998630542_110845430_nSeeking to bring the hope of the gospel to indigenous peoples in Northwest Ontario
“It comes with air conditioning,” remarked our new friend who graciously offered us his snowmobile. The cold air pierced our cheeks and breathing it in was what Winterfresh Gum only wished it could be. As the snowmobile gained speed, we reflected on our journey up to this moment. Over the last few months we had been meticulously planning a way to make it to this place. Our prayers began two years ago, but the legacy of prayer for this specific place extends much farther than us. Here we were, two families with our infants, surrounded on either side by 150-foot tall pine trees. Beyond them, snow covered ice stretched as far as the eye could see and slicing through it lay a temporary ice road, the only way out on land. But at the heart of this place lives a First Nations community – precious people, created in the image of God. More