When God Lets Us Down!

AiOften, when things seem to be going well, we become confident in our own strength and forget our need of daily inquiry into the Word of God. This is what seems to have happened with Joshua after the great victory at Jericho in Joshua 7:6-13. Ai, the next city, seemed a small conquest, so Joshua planned the attack using the spies’ recommendations, but without seeking the counsel of God. The battle went horribly wrong, and Joshua jumped to some horrible conclusions. Let’s look at them: Joshua says “Oh Lord… why did YOU bring us across …to deliver us…to destroy us?” Joshua questions God! Then he says “We would have been content….on the other side of Jordan!” He looks to the past for contentment. Joshua thinks he must account for God’s “mistake” and cries “What shall I say…!” Next he jumps to conclusions about the future and assumes the Canaanites will hear and “…cut off our name from the earth!” To climax his concern he worries about God and asks, “and what will YOU do to YOUR great name?”