Plundering Satan’s House

Plundering-01-01It is striking how there is perfect peace in four chapters of God’s word. You see it in Genesis 1-2 and in Revelation 21-22, in the original creation and in the new creation. Sandwiched between these two bookends of perfect peace, lie nearly twelve hundred chapters of raging, all-out warfare. The Lord’s promise that there would be a Son who would be bruised and who would deal a skull-crushing blow to the ancient serpent (Genesis 3:15) is the first statement of the gospel, but it is also a declaration of war. Those whom the church sends out to the nations are sent out as soldiers into this battle. They face a dark and daunting battlefield with many dangers, and yet the tremendously encouraging truth from God’s word is that, much like ancient Israel’s campaign against those Ammonite cities which the Lord had promised to have already given into theirhand, missionaries go out into the battle from a place of having already been given the victory. More