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We Value Too Much, We Value Too Little

Value Too

Five dollars.

$5.00 is a lot of money… to certain people. To another group of people, $5.00 is just a piece of paper. Now, if I say the word, “lying,” you might associate that word with things like wrongdoing, bad, pain, or punishment. Would you believe me if I said that some cultures would view lying as a virtue? Who determines the meanings that are associated with all of the things that make up a person’s life? Who makes the rules for determining things (anything!)? More

Missionary Training: Contextualization

David Sills is a Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the President of Reaching & Teaching International Ministries. He recently joined us at To Every Tribe’s Center for Pioneer Church Planting for a class on Contextualization. In this class, our Missionary Trainees learn how to discern culture in order to communicate the gospel in a way that is clear and penetrating to their hearers.

Celebrating Disciples

Celebrating DisciplesEvery year we celebrate and rejoice in another group of “Average-Joe” Christians completing their missionary training at the Center for Pioneer Church Planting (CPCP).   These modern day “fishermen” have been birthed by the Spirit, given a desire to take the name of Christ to unreached people groups, and have been sent out by their local churches from all over North America. During our Missionary Trainees’ two years in training, we get to witness the development of disciples. We get to see what God had been preparing over the years during their time in the marketplace and various backgrounds of life. More Christ-light is seen as they learn in the classroom and then pour themselves out in their villages in Northern Mexico. More

Martyring the Layman

Marty Layman 2My desire here is to briefly reflect on the accounts of the New Testament authors and the deaths they died for the name of Christ. In particular, I want to draw attention to the lives and professions of these men before meeting their Lord, Jesus Christ and what could possibly be an implication for the way we think today. In the West, we would call this kind of living “radical.” Scripture calls this “normal.” Normal people, amazing transformation, normal faith in Christ, normal endurance, powerful God, normal truth, unashamed outcome.


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