Church Planting

Sending Missionaries

SendingThe To Every Tribe Mission Statement reminds us that “To Every Tribe exists to extend the worship of Christ among all peoples by mobilizing the church, training disciple-makers, and sending missionary teams to plant churches among the unreached.” There is an important order in this statement: “mobilizing the church… training disciple-makers… sending missionary teams to plant churches.” The primary goal of our work at To Every Tribe is sending missionary teams to plant churches among unreached people groups. Like the Apostle Paul, we make it our “ambition to preach the gospel, not where Christ has already been named, lest I [we] build on someone else’s foundation, but as it is written, ‘Those who have never been told of him will see, and those who have never heard will understand’” (Romans 15:20-21). More

Plundering Satan’s House

Plundering-01-01It is striking how there is perfect peace in four chapters of God’s word. You see it in Genesis 1-2 and in Revelation 21-22, in the original creation and in the new creation. Sandwiched between these two bookends of perfect peace, lie nearly twelve hundred chapters of raging, all-out warfare. The Lord’s promise that there would be a Son who would be bruised and who would deal a skull-crushing blow to the ancient serpent (Genesis 3:15) is the first statement of the gospel, but it is also a declaration of war. Those whom the church sends out to the nations are sent out as soldiers into this battle. They face a dark and daunting battlefield with many dangers, and yet the tremendously encouraging truth from God’s word is that, much like ancient Israel’s campaign against those Ammonite cities which the Lord had promised to have already given into theirhand, missionaries go out into the battle from a place of having already been given the victory. More

“Mi stik bilong yu”

sanders blog photoLast Friday I went with a group of pastors to check on two of the New Life Mission churches on the other side of Goroka, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Two of the leaders in this area had a relational problem that was preventing them from having common fellowship. These men were both pastors and had temporarily stepped down from their respective pulpits because of the relational issue. I, along with the council of New Life Mission, went to see if we could help these brothers resolve their relational concern. More

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