We Value Too Much, We Value Too Little

Value Too

Five dollars.

$5.00 is a lot of money… to certain people. To another group of people, $5.00 is just a piece of paper. Now, if I say the word, “lying,” you might associate that word with things like wrongdoing, bad, pain, or punishment. Would you believe me if I said that some cultures would view lying as a virtue? Who determines the meanings that are associated with all of the things that make up a person’s life? Who makes the rules for determining things (anything!)? More

Missionary Training: Contextualization

David Sills is a Professor of Christian Missions and Cultural Anthropology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the President of Reaching & Teaching International Ministries. He recently joined us at To Every Tribe’s Center for Pioneer Church Planting for a class on Contextualization. In this class, our Missionary Trainees learn how to discern culture in order to communicate the gospel in a way that is clear and penetrating to their hearers.

“Mi stik bilong yu”

sanders blog photoLast Friday I went with a group of pastors to check on two of the New Life Mission churches on the other side of Goroka, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Two of the leaders in this area had a relational problem that was preventing them from having common fellowship. These men were both pastors and had temporarily stepped down from their respective pulpits because of the relational issue. I, along with the council of New Life Mission, went to see if we could help these brothers resolve their relational concern. More

Undercover: World of Animism

Sitton AnimismAnimism is the most widely practiced religion in the world. A vast majority of the world’s nearly seven billion inhabitants are actively involved in some variety of this spiritualistic worldview. Animism(1) may also be the most subtle aspect within the major world religions, reshaping itself into countless mutations and blending (aka “syncretism”) into virtually every religious expression across the planet, including North America. More

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