Exposition in Mission: Gospel Narratives for Missionaries

Narratives HeaderThe Bible is full of “non-fiction” stories. In fact, approximately 60% of the Bible is narrative. And then, when we turn to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we find some of the most memorable, interesting, and well-known historical accounts of Jesus, his followers, and even his enemies.

However, those who teach the Bible, including missionaries, tend to gravitate toward the more obviously didactic portions of Scripture—and who can blame them? Books like Romans and Hebrews are glorious. Yet the gospel accounts, and particularly the narratives within, are extremely valuable for missionaries. I’m not saying that other parts of the gospel accounts or the New Testament are unimportant. I’m simply highlighting one particular portion of the New Testament—narratives in the Gospels—and I want to give several reasons why missionaries should study and teach them. More

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