Missional Christmas Carols

Each year as we enter the Christmas season, I am struck by the incredible lyrics of some of the Christmas Carols that we sing. The words of these traditional hymns are powerful. I’ve served on church music teams for over fifteen years and each time I sit down to practice Christmas hymns in late November I find myself immersed in theologically rich material. However, this year I noticed something further: there are many phrases throughout these songs that point us to the mission of Christ and His church. So, as a musician and graphic artist I set about creating some simple artwork to help me reflect on the powerful truths of phrases like “Joy to the World, the Lord has come!” I hope you enjoy.

Missionary Mom in Training


This March my husband, Trevor, had the opportunity to travel to Peru with two other Missionary Trainees to determine a location in Peru where our three families can serve long-term as missionaries.  Meanwhile, I had the opportunity to be sanctified and refined as I took care of our children (ages seven, five, two, and one) and household alone for that same amount of time.

While Trevor was experiencing new places and meeting new people, much of my life stayed the same.  I still awoke each day to the typical tasks of a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom.  More

The Global Gospel

Global GospelWhy missions?

Why go somewhere geographically hard to reach to tell people that might want to kill you about a God they want nothing to do with? I think it’s a good honest question. Unless there is more to the story, that sounds like a pretty bad idea. There is a phrase we like to use around here at To Every Tribe: “Jesus is worth it.” It’s true. Jesus is worth dying the most gruesome death by the most hateful people. But why put ourselves in a situation where that would be necessary? I would gladly take a bullet for my wife or girls, but I am not actively seeking a scenario where I would need to, nor would I be a better husband or father if I did.

So still I ask, why foreign missions? Sure Jesus is worth dying for… Is missions worth dying for? Why missions to hard to reach places? Is that different or better than evangelism in our own American cities? Can’t we just be content with making a whole lot of disciples here? Why all the attention on the yet unreached peoples worshipping Christ too? More

Top Ten Ways to Bless Your Missionaries

There are many ways that the body of Christ can support their missionaries. As we begin a new year, I have compiled a list of some of the top ways that you and your church can bless your missionaries.  Christ has called us all to be part of His mission to reach the nations with the gospel.  I love John Piper’s summary: “Go, send, or disobey.” I want to encourage you to fulfill your role as senders in the mission of Christ, and intentionally seek to bless your missionaries this upcoming year.   More

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