Missionary Training

Exposition in Mission: A Missionary Trainee’s Perspective

EIM ArticleIt’s often said that Christians should study the word and aim to know it well, but how should we study the Bible? How do we exposit the scriptures to really understand what the text says?

Studying God’s Word has always been a struggle for me. I never really knew where to begin or how to do it on my own. For much of my Christian walk, studying has looked something like this: More

The Value of Training in Biblical Counseling for Missionaries

Daryl articleIn order to appreciate the need for training in biblical counseling for those preparing to serve as missionaries, one must first understand what biblical counseling is at its root. Though many definitions have been suggested, and at the risk of duplicating what others have already said, I would suggest one of my own. Biblical counseling may be defined as teaching followers of Christ to eagerly understand and joyfully do the will of Christ. The first word in my definition—teaching—should not be construed as limiting the counselor to merely being an instructor in an office or classroom. It should be understood more broadly to include encouraging, exhorting, setting an example, commanding, correcting, rebuking, and other biblical concepts and terms related to leadership. More

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