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God’s Work Done God’s Way

Gods Work“God’s work, done God’s way, will not lack God’s supply.” This Hudson Taylor quote was the first word of encouragement my pastor gave me as I began a decade long career at Covenant College, the denominational college of the Presbyterian Church in America. Having just left the industrial and rather brash world of the concrete industry to enter the world of Christian higher education, I expected to experience a major paradigm shift in how I approached my work. The Lord soon showed me that this was flawed thinking. Whether I worked in a secular environment or a Christian one, my work philosophy and ethic should have been the same. Hudson Taylor’s biblical paraphrase soon began to have a major impact on my work life. More

Missional Christmas Carols

Each year as we enter the Christmas season, I am struck by the incredible lyrics of some of the Christmas Carols that we sing. The words of these traditional hymns are powerful. I’ve served on church music teams for over fifteen years and each time I sit down to practice Christmas hymns in late November I find myself immersed in theologically rich material. However, this year I noticed something further: there are many phrases throughout these songs that point us to the mission of Christ and His church. So, as a musician and graphic artist I set about creating some simple artwork to help me reflect on the powerful truths of phrases like “Joy to the World, the Lord has come!” I hope you enjoy.

You Succeed Without Success

Cannon success“And all these, though well attested by their faith did not receive what was promised (Hebrews 11:39).”

Being brought up in the tradition that success is the measure of a man, missionary work has proven to be full of frustrations that irritate, and irritations that frustrate. Things never seem to work out the way you want them, when you want them. I’ve tried being the high-powered executive type, but always end up doing everything myself. I’ve tried being the non-direct, all-knowing psychologist type, and ended up accomplishing nothing. Why can’t natives, oops! I mean nationals, be more interested in my success as a missionary? More

Your Blood To Seal His Truth

Calvin to MartyrsBelow is an excerpt from a letter John Calvin wrote to five young Frenchman who were about to be martyred in 1553 for carrying the gospel into France.

“We who are here shall do our duty in praying that He would glorify Himself more and more by your constancy, and that He may, by the comfort of His Spirit, sweeten and endear all that is bitter to the flesh, and so absorb yours spirits in Himself, that in contemplating that heavenly crown, you may be ready without regret to leave all that belongs to this world. More

Favorite Quotes From Open House

Taken from Facebook feedback, here are the top quotes from the weekend’s Open House:

“God uses elect sheep to go gather lost sheep”

“From Minneapolis, drive 8-10 hours north, you’ll hit unreached peoples”

~ David Sitton
President and Founder of To Every Tribe
(facebook, twitter)

“We are preparing people to go to the dark strongholds of the world”

“When you get to the mission field, there won’t be a church for you to gather at.
You need to learn to function as the church in a team”

~ Steve Best
Director of the Center for Pioneer Church Planting
(facebook, twitter, blog)

“The bible from Genesis to Revelation is about, by, and for Jesus Christ”

~ Chad Bresson
Assistant Director of the Center for Pioneer Church Planting
(facebook, twitter, blog)

“I can’t imagine going to the field 2 years ago without having received the training”

~ Matt Klockenga
CPCP Trainee
(facebook, blog)

“If you come to the CPCP, you are the missionary”

~ Garry Weaver
Director of Field Training; Center for Pioneer Church Planting
(facebook, blog)

“Use your short term mission trips to go visit your long term missionaries”

~ Steve Leston
To Every Tribe Board Member & CPCP trainer;
Lead Pastor at Kishwaukee Bible Church – Sycamore, IL

“We don’t want missionaries to just survive, but to thrive as pioneer church planters”

~ Walt Barrett
Director of the Missionary Sending Agency
(facebook, twitter, blog)

“My wife’s primary role is a mom and homeschool teacher”

“Our immediate need in PNG is 6 families”

~ Alex Sisson
Field Missionary Staff in Papua New Guinea
(facebook, blog)

“You don’t just walk into a village and rent a house. You need an invitation”

~ AJ Gibson
Field Missionary Staff in Oaxaca, Mexico
(facebook, twitter, blog)

William Carey's 11 Commandments of Missions

  1. Set an infinite value on immortal souls.
  2. Gain all the information you can about “the snares and delusions in which these heathens are held.”
  3. Abstain from all English manners which might increase prejudice against the gospel.
  4. Watch for all opportunities for doing good, even when you are tired and hot.
  5. Make Christ crucified the great subject of your preaching.
  6. Earn the people’s confidence by your friendship.
  7. Build up the souls that are gathered.
  8. Turn the work over to “the native brethren” as soon as possible.
  9. Work with all your might to translate the Bible into their languages. Build schools to this end.
  10. Stay alert in prayer, wrestling with God until he “famish these idols and cause the heathen to experience the blessedness that is in Christ.”
  11. Give yourself totally to this glorious cause. Surrender your time, gifts, strength, families, the very clothes you wear.

Listed in Christian History, Issue 36, page 34. HT: Ray Ortlund.

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