Missionary Trainee Application

Full-time entrance into mission work is no small endeavor. Of all the options before you to enter into that mission, pioneer church planting among unreached people groups is among the most difficult. For this reason, we see that what we offer in our training and sending at To Every Tribe is only a step in your journey to see a church planted in these difficult to reach places. With this in mind, we look for the following things be in place prior to being accepted as a Missionary Trainee at To Every Tribe’s Center for Pioneer Church Planting:

  • You must be a Christian- having been baptized and put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone, recognizing that He is now your Master whom you swear allegiance to in hope of eternal life with Him.
  • You must understand and affirm To Every Tribe’s Mission Statement, Distinctives, and Statement of Faith.
  • You should have a deep relationship with your current local church. We typically like to see at least three years of membership and active participation.
  • You must have been on at least one international short-term or long-term mission trip.
  • You must have an ability to work well on a team.
  • Your Pastors and Elders must prayerfully affirm and entrust you to be sent as a missionary with To Every Tribe.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have complete support of your spouse (and children, if applicable).
  • You must be willing to form a ministry partnership team made up of financial and prayer partners. We will help you!

apply-buttonClick here to fill out your Initial Missionary Trainee Application online.  Once we receive your initial application, we will email you a link to the Full Missionary Trainee Application to collect additional information.  Once we receive your full application, we will review your responses and contact you within 30 days to schedule an interview.