First Nations in Canada Missionary Housing

Project Goal: $350,000 USD

Amount Raised: $189,000 USD

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To Every Tribe has been invited to send missionaries to a remote and isolated community called Cat Lake First Nation. It is accessible only by aircraft 11 months out of the year. The exception to that is in February when they build an ice road to bring in fuel and supplies.

Two missionary families are fully funded and living in Sioux Lookout, the hub town that services this community and others with supplies. The missionaries are currently busy learning the Ojibway language in preparations for their ministry in Cat Lake. The only thing stopping the team from moving into Cat Lake is housing.

Because it is difficult and costly to build in the remote North, Cat Lake along with many other First Nation communities, are facing housing shortages. Multiple families are forced to live under one roof and many of the homes are falling apart due to the harsh climate. With the current housing shortage there is no where to rent and so we are faced with the need to build.

After meeting with local builders and the Cat Lake leadership we have agreed upon a duplex design that is cost effective, adequate for long-term living, and fits in with the current homes in the community.

Again, building in the North isn’t cheap. After the cost of materials, transportation, and labor the overall financial need is $175,000 to house each missionary family. Leaving a total need of $350,000 by January 15th of 2015.

Fundraising for this project is a huge undertaking for our families and agency. Would you please consider praying about how you might be able to partner with us in meeting this need?

For more information about this project, please contact Ron K. or Matt K., Field-based Missionaries.

Project Budget

$123,000 Building Materials
$32,000 Primary & Secondary Furnace Systems
$14,000 Appliances for Both Units
$24,000 Shipping & Storage of Building Materials
$2,000 Basic Shop Tools and Generator
$120,000 General Contractor & Labor to Build
$20,000 Flights for Workers
$15,000 Contingency Funds
$350,000 Total


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