Missionary Sending Agency

The Missionary Sending Agency (MSA) is actively recruiting missionary candidates to serve as pioneer church planters with our current fields in Papua New Guinea, Southern Mexico, Northern Mexico, Southeast Asia, First Nations in Canada, and Western Ireland. The MSA is also actively expanding into new fields as rapidly as is responsibly possible.

Unreached Peoples
There are about 7,000 people groups with approximately three billion people who are unreached and, in many cases, unengaged with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. These groups are the primary focus of To Every Tribe’s missionary church-planting efforts.

Thriving Missionaries
The MSA develops and oversees the Field-based Missionaries and Missionary Appointees of To Every Tribe in cooperation with their sending churches. The goal of the MSA is to have missionaries who are not simply surviving on the field, but thriving.

Team-based Missions
To Every Tribe is committed to ministry through communities of believers whose gifts work together to the good and effectiveness of the whole and model the body of Christ to unbelievers. We believe this is best done by sending out missionaries in teams of three or more units (families or singles).

The Missionary Call
Perhaps no aspect of mission is more bogged down with extra-biblical baggage than the idea of the “missionary call.” The clear command of Christ to “make disciples of all nations” is sufficient to set one on his or her way to unreached regions. We encourage Christians to pray and seek wise counsel as to how they ought to invest their lives in the mission. Be compelled by the words of Christ in the Great Commission and in no way dissuaded by a lack of an extra-biblical, supernatural experience.