Become a Missionary

Become a MissionaryThere is still work to do in the world that only pioneer-types can do. It’s the yet-to-be-started work in remote regions that excites us.

It should not be a question of “what will mission cost me?” Or, “What pleasures or career opportunities will I have to give up if I become a missionary?” The question is: “What will I miss out on if I don’t do this?”

Don’t be left out of the greatest thing the earth has ever witnessed… namely, the glory of God proclaimed through the simultaneous praise of God by every people group on the planet! The earth will soon be saturated with the worship of Jesus Christ!

The amazing thing is that God lets us be the carriers of this good news to the ends of the earth. Missionaries are the vehicles that make this happen. We don’t have to do it, we get to do it. It’s a privilege!

This is what To Every Tribe is about: training pioneer church planters for the hard places where Jesus is not known. We will teach you how to:

… Approach unreached peoples

… Function successfully in unfamiliar cultural situations

… Implement evangelistic and church planting principles through on-the-job training exercises

… Build successful, long-term missionary teams

… Survive under intense spiritual opposition while on the field

… Establish God-worshipping, self-reproducing Churches in other unreached places