The following list includes To Every Tribe’s missionaries, their assigned fields, and a link to support their ministry with To Every Tribe. Missionaries spend their first two years of service assigned to Northern Mexico as they train for long-term service. If you would like to contact a To Every Tribe missionary, please click here to contact us.

Micayla A. | Northern Mexico | Support

Ryan & Catherine A. | Northern Mexico | Support

Chris & Sophia B. | Southern Mexico | Support

Michaila B. | Northern Mexico | Support

Jim B. | Southern Mexico | Support

Kevin & Sarah C. | Southeast Asia | Support

Destin and Jennifer D. | Northern Mexico | Support

Luke & Rebeka D. | Ecuador | Support

Jen F. | Northern Mexico | Support

Ryan F. | Northern Mexico | Support

Nathan and Rebekah F. | Northern Mexico | Support

Chris & Michele J. | Southern Mexico | Support

Ron & Jen K. | First Nations in Canada | Support

Jacob & Rebekah K. | Northern Mexico | Support

Matt & Ashley K. | First Nations in Canada | Support

Alex & Erin L. | South Asia | Support

Jon & Laura L. | Northern Mexico | Support

Marshall and Jill Rae L. | First Nations in Canada | Support

Jared and Priscila M. | Northern Mexico | Support

Geneva M. | Northern Mexico | Support

Scott & Charissa P. | Papua New Guinea | Support

Tim R. | First Nations in Canada | Support

Todd & Diana S. | First Nations in Canada | Support

Alex & Kelley S. | Papua New Guinea | Support

David & Emily S. | Ecuador | Support

Rachel W. | Northern Mexico | Support

Paul & Jody W. | South Asia | Support

All gifts to To Every Tribe, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN 20-0170786), are tax-deductible. As required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), contributions are solicited and received with the understanding that To Every Tribe has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. If the preferred ministry fund ceases to exist, To Every Tribe will use gifts for the most closely related ministry purpose.